Itik Explora

Do you have a business idea?

Do you have a business project related to sport, health and/or leisure and want to take it forward? Are you a sport and leisure 'knowmad' with great ideas and do you need a boost?


Itik helps you to turn your dream into reality. The only person responsible for making it possible will be you, we will provide you with the environment, sharing and contrasting ideas and we will help you find funding if necessary.


Do you have an idea?

We advise you and accompany you in the development:

  • Immersion: Analysis of the environment and the problem to be solved
  • Ideation: Generation of ideas for the improvement and solution of problems
  • Prototyping: Creation of a minimum viable product to test and improve the product/service



How can we help you?



  • Accompany you in the design and realization of your business model
  • Getting your project up and running and generating the first sales
  • Search for funding to make the project possible
  • Generate improvements according to the trends in the sports sector


What will you gain?


Continuous innovation through LEAN working methodologies and validation of the business model based on the user experience


  • Workspace with other entrepreneurs
  • Training, mentoring, coaching and advice for the correct launch of the project
  • Network of contacts to facilitate the development of the project
  • Training with experts in the fields of business models and development, accounting and finance, marketing and sales, strategy, taxation, sports management and technological trends


If you want more information, please contact us at this email.