Do you know the 5 essential stages of an equality plan?

Do you know the 5 essential stages of an equality plan?

The promotion of gender equality policies in sports organisations has a long way to go, even though the trend to avoid discrimination on gender or sexuality in order to guarantee equal opportunities and conditions is increasingly being worked on internally. In this sense, the aim of this itik genera is to establish the bases so that any sports organisation, whether public or private, can draw up its own equality plan. As well as having an updated regulatory framework that allows the creation of gender equality policies in the organisation. 

What are the necessary phases of analysis for the diagnosis of our organisation? What are the benefits of having gender policies? These are some of the questions raised in the following article. 


To get into more details about gender policies, we present the Practical Guide for Sports Organizations in Handbook format.

You will find information on:

  • The current contextualization
  • Regulations in Latin America
  • Examples of sports sector equality policies
  • Recommendations for future actions

Do you want to know the level of parity in your organization? You have the possibility to do a self-diagnosis test.

It is essential to know the starting point to plan future actions and lay the foundations for the promotion of equality between women and men.

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