Production service

Hacia un objetivo común a partir de una experiencia compartida

Los procesos participativos son acciones de gran valor en el éxito de la aplicación de cualquier estrategia o proyecto. Muchos son los municipios, empresas y organizaciones que introducen en la concreción y definición de sus proyectos así como también en la gestión de...

Design of the sensitive side of customer service II

Summary: To improve the emotional state of the customer, companies must choose their offer according to the potential demand. Furthermore, the uncertainty caused by a service, forces sports organizations to give the control of the service to the customer (behavioral control), or respectively, to...

Design sensitive side of customer service I

Summary: When designing a service, you should pay attention to the sequence of events that comprise it and avoid negative experiences. During these events, it is necessary to design the trust of the client hiring motivated and competent workers to obtain a positive emotional atmosphere.

Do not try to delight your customers

Summary: To achieve customer loyalty it is necessary to provide a good service by focusing on their needs and responding to them, without promises that cannot be fulfilled and cause a loss of image and customers.

Keywords: Services, loyalty,...