Management Tools

Create a digital communication plan

Summary: Being in the social media is increasingly important for any sports organization. But even more important is to have a Digital communication plan to be clear about our objectives and lines of the network. This Itik genera explains which are the main steps to generate a Social Media Plan...

The success of low-cost fitness center

Resumen: Como consecuencia del contexto económico actual, los centros Low Cost tienen un papel relevante en el sector del fitness. Este tipo de empresas buscan la simplicidad, la confianza del consumidor gracias a la rentabilidad del espacio de práctica debido a una oferta claramente...

A new model of organizational management: the self-management

Abstract: The self-management is a model of organization with one key idea: freedom. The aim is that all workers have their responsibilities well defined, and that each of them is entitledtoobtain the necessary tools to carry out their work.

Facebook as a tool for recruitment and retention

Abstract: The social networks have revolutionized the traditional systems used by sports organizations to reach the people more quickly, cheaply and effectively. Facebook, for example, has become a promotional platform and marketing due to the advantages it offers. This article will highlight the...

Building a co-creative sports organization

Summary: Sports organizations should work cooperatively with stakeholders by creating a global ecosystem with a strategy that involves a slow process of discovery by those working in the organization. The main objective is that everyone benefits.