The digitization of social interaction

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The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has promoted a contactless society for a few months, eliminating interaction between people and causing an inevitable irruption of technology at all levels. In South Korea, this concept has been given the name of ‘UN-CONTACT’ (without contact)...

Lead change management


We are living in a moment of uncertainty, of constant change. Change management has been an element that has been worked a lot in organizations in recent years to enhance the opportunities that change can generate as well as minimize the resistance that it may pose for some people in the organization.

The future of social responsibility in sport

Sport and health news

The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has affected all sectors of society, transforming our consumption and behavior habits. The sports field is characterized by being a sector that adapts to its changing environment, and now, it has done so. Professional sport has been paralyzed and thanks to this, programs and...