How is a study of sports habits?

How is a study of sports habits?


  • A customizable online questionnaire to the reality of each territory
  • Schools as a means to reach the sample
  • Data analysis through SPSS
  • Preparation of results report
  • Completion period: 3-5 months depending on the sample size



  • A wide and representative sample
  • High level of trust
  • Reduced sample error
  • Data collection in school periods



  • Level of practice according to sex, age-course, regions-territories and ownership of the center
  • Level and causes of a sedentary lifestyle
  • Competition level, typology, fair play
  • Level and causes of abandonment of sports practice
  • Motivations towards sports practice
  • Extension to other healthy habits (food, hygiene, etc.)



  • Database in SPSS format
  • Conclusions Report
  • File with the presentation of the main results
  • Possibility of public presentation of the study by Itik Consultancy



  • Compare the level of practice with other provinces, regions, territories
  • Identify if the level of practice is within the parameters recommended by WHO
  • Identify the determining aspects of extracurricular sports
  • Route policies to increase the practice of physical-sports activity and encourage schoolchildren to adopt sports habits from the beginning of life to enjoy the benefits that it entails.


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