The Intermunicipal Comparison Circles had finalized their 2017 edition

The Intermunicipal Comparison Circles had finalized their 2017 edition

On the 13th and 15th of December, the closing days of the Intermunicipal Comparison Circle of Education Services and the Sports Service of the Deputation of Barcelona took place, in which Itik is the collaborating consultancy. In these days the technical and political representatives of the municipalities participating in the Circles attend, and an exposition of the obtained results is made, as well as a presentation made by an expert of the sector that is of interest for the participants.

On both days, the Programming Service of the Deputation of Barcelona made an exhibition of how the structure of municipal spending has been transformed into the provision of the different services that participate in the different Comparison Circles. These data represent a photograph of the municipal finances of the province of Barcelona. It stands out the general decrease in the debt of the City Councils over the last 4 years, and the increase per capita inhabitant spending while also increasing per capita income. It can be concluded that the municipalities of the province are at the highest moment of saving, but have budgets limited by the state spending rule.

As results of the Circle of Education Services, nursery schools and music schools, it is relevant that the students of both services have increased and the great influence of the environment (birth and economic situation) is demonstrated. These are services that stand out for their quality and that are adapted to meet the needs of the demand, while there is a commitment to make them accessible to all citizens.

The Sports Service Circle indicates a significant increase in the population subscribed to municipal sports complexes in the last 4 years, which are reaching their maximum capacity. The population registered in sports services organized by the municipalities also increases in the same period. Participation in sports entities also presents an increase over the previous year, both in participants and in social mass.

Among the 3 services analyzed in these Circles, a total of 142 municipal representatives have participated, consolidating the success of the participation in the project in recent years.