Health Promotion at Work

Health Promotion at Work

At the end of last 2018, the results related to the study “Promotion of Health at Work” prepared by the Promotion of National Work with the collaboration of Biwel Consulting were published. The objective of this study has been to know the current status of initiatives and projects for workplace health promotion (WHO) that Spanish companies have developed and are carrying out.

In order to carry out this study, a survey was prepared and administered to a total of 98 companies. This was divided into three large sections which have been distributed as follows:

  • The current context of projects workplace health promotion
  • Initiatives carried out and resources allocated in the 2015-2019 period
  • Current status in relation to the workplace health promotion lifestyle.

Regarding the first block, on the current context of projects workplace health promotion, it is observed how 90.82% of companies claim to have written principles of prevention for occupational safety, but in only 50% of these companies have written principles of health promotion. Only 43.88% have developed WHO Plans and Programs and 19.39% do not plan to develop any plans.

In reference to the initiatives carried out and resources allocated in the 2015-2019 period, it is noted that the trend in the number of initiatives carried out in relation to the WHO Projects has been growing in the 2015-2018 period, from a total of 203 initiatives to 345, with a very present theme such as the promotion of healthy habits. There is also an increase in emotion management issues. If the focus is on the resources allocated, 39.71% of the companies carry out the WHO projects with their own resources despite the downward trend. On the other hand, the outsourcing of services to carry out WHO Projects is increasing from 11.43% in 2015 to 16.2% in 2018, its realization through the mutual accident.

Finally, in the current state in relation to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, according to the study, 72.45% of the companies surveyed have carried out actions in the area of ​​healthy eating, 68.37% in the area of ​​physical activity and/or physical exercise, and in 62.24% in the area of ​​emotional management and stress. Action plans have been developed in 37.76% of the companies surveyed in the area of ​​healthy eating and in 30.61% in the area of ​​physical activity and/or physical exercise.

Studies such as the one that has been presented allow us to know the current situation of companies in the field of health promotion and its path since previous years. Having knowledge of this reality allows you to begin a process of reflection in order to see how far you can go in this area and at the same time decide what you want to achieve. Have you worked on workplace health promotion (WHO) projects in the last 5 years in your company? Do you think it would be interesting to update them and be able to get a current picture of the health?