First results on the impact of COVID-19 on local sports!

First results on the impact of COVID-19 on local sports!

Within the project of the incidence of COVID-19 promoted by the Barcelona Provincial Council, the first results are given below from the analysis of the data provided by the participating municipalities!​ 

Itik consulting is preparing the reports containing these results, which will be presented in infographic format with the anticipation of having a series of 4 themes in total. These infographics will be published progressively over the next few weeks and will allow discovering the first data on the real impact of COVID-19 on local sport in the province in different areas. 


| The impact of the health crisis on the Sports Service |

Did you have to create synergies with other Services during the state of alarm? What were the main problems? These are some of the questions that are solved in the first available infographic, don't miss it! Come in and be the first to find out!


| The internal organization of the Sports Service |

Discover the evolution that had the application of home office in the Sports Service, among other new data of impact. Was the virtual work used to make new training? Which were the most used platforms by the Sports Services? This and more information in the following infographic!


| The adaptation of sports facilities and sports entities |

Double infographic with the two last themes! Discover how the municipalities adapted his sports facilities and how they took advantage of his closing. Also, how affected the sport entities the crisis of the COVID-19? Which supports they received and which resources had? Open the new and last infographic!



Retrieve the indicators published in the first phase of the project here. Do you remember what they were?