Technologies applied to sport

Technologies applied to sport

Technologies and sport. A reality that requires reflection: for what, for whom, and how to apply them from municipal sports policies?

In the course that we have carried out with the Sports Service of the Barcelona Provincial Council, this question has been one of the main exercises that those responsible for the municipal sports services have carried out as duties.

After seeing the infinity of possibilities and potentialities of the use of technology within the municipal sport, from the complete access and capacity controls to comprehensive management systems, virtual physical activity, or gamification for non-active citizens, it was essential to value the need for reflection. A very interesting debate was opened about a too high level of dependence on technology and online and being able to reach all citizens versus the optimization of resources and time that the proper use of technological resources or the ability to motivate and retain different groups can provide us with.

COVID has led to a need for digitization to continue promoting physical and sporting activity, catching those organizations that were not prepared and who have improvised digitization on the fly ... Dragged by the day and the pressure of a digitized society is a common goal for 2021 to promote further digitization of sport… but not at any cost.

It is necessary to see the starting point, the needs we have and their prioritization, know the audience we are addressing, access to technology (which can be the device, the application, and its use), and the initial and maintenance resources with which we have in the present time. Then, answering the questions for what, for whom, and how we will specify the actions to be carried out; real actions that have concrete objectives and results.

Are you clear about your starting point? To start thinking about it, we leave you the link where you will find the notes of the different sessions carried out.