What role does sport play in the municipal structure? Its evolution in the last 12 years (II)

What role does sport play in the municipal structure? Its evolution in the last 12 years (II)

The third edition of the study on 'Local Councils and sport of the Barcelona demarcation’ allows us to obtain quantitative data for analyzing management evolution over the last 12 years. Itik consulting sport % leisure, collaborator of two editions, presents a historical comparison of the main aspect’s evolution in this period.

The first essay of 2022 study developed by the Provincial Council of Barcelona, corresponded to the 'Background and contextual aspects of the Sports service'. In this case, the second and third installments focus on 'Service relations with other organizations' and 'Service management' respectively. The main conclusions obtained are:

Declining trend in administrative concessions

As the figure shows, of the total number of municipalities surveyed in 2022 only 34.3% claim to have one or more sports facilities under concession. Regarding its evolution, a negative trend is observed in the indirect operation management of the municipal facilities from 2010 to present.

Sports facilities with administrative concesion

Increase in the Percentage of sports facilities with concession in municipalities with larger population

The percentage is presented according to the size of municipality, classified into 3 sections: less than 5,000 inhabitants, from 5,001 to 20,000 and more than 20,001 inhabitants.

Sports concesions for inhabitant

The largest municipalities have a higher percentage of contracts between local administration and concession entity. Generally, those sports facilities that can generate economic returns, are therefore more attractive to private organizations to be managed.

The 3 years analyzed, 2010, 2016 and 2022, the case of population section with more than 20,001 inhabitants obtains the highest values in administrative concession. This data is related to the type of sports complex in concession, which are normally related to indoor pools, with or without physical activities rooms. Thus, it is a type of sports facility that needs high investment and has high maintenance cost, and is only present in municipalities with a certain volume of population.

Less outsourcing services

Within the framework of direct management, there are partial contracting of services to do in certain tasks, it is what is called outsourcing or subcontracting. Generally, tasks that requires qualified personnel are outsourced or are temporary contracted.

The average percentages classified by years are shown, as well as the trend of their evolution.

sports service outsourcing

From the data analyzed in last year, lifeguard and cleaning services stand out as the most outsourced, as well as the concierge area as the least outsourced service. The significantly lower trend in the evolution of the 2016 data compared to the present is also highlighted.

The study allows obtaining statistically representative data, establishing key indicators to predict future trends and plan new actions by the agents of the sports system. Here you can see the third edition of the 2022 study.