Sport and SDG: Gender equality and empowerment of women and girls

Sport and SDG: Gender equality and empowerment of women and girls

With the establishment of the SDGs and the 2030 agenda, organizations commit to working for a more equal and sustainable world. Transforming the society, with special care for the environment. The new is the first of a collection that aims to spread current knowledge about sustainable development goals and sport.

As advanced in the report ‘15 Tips to apply the SDGs in your organization, there is no SDG directly related to sport. However, according to the article 'Sport as a tool for development', eight of them have affinity with physical activity and sport. In addition, it should be noted that in no case should they work separately, but rather the objectives should be grouped by functional coherence, creating alliances.

Let's start with Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Do you consider how your organization can apply the gender perspective? 3 actions related to the objective in terms of sport are proposed:

1. Establish agreements with educational centers to promote grassroots sports that are inclusive of gender and abilities.

2. Promotion and creation of female and/or mixed teams.

3. Organization of conferences, talks, workshops on equal opportunities from an LGTBIQ+ perspective to raise awareness among the parties related to the organization.

Finally, what are the essential steps to take?

You should start by doing a self-diagnosis test on the gender policies adopted by each organization. The initial diagnostic questionnaire serves to establish a first analysis of the current situation of the organization in terms of gender equality.

The second step would be to carry out a survey of the legislation that affects each country, since the regulatory framework establishes the legal bases for the equal promotion of the world of work and society. This information is essential and must be consulted prior to the preparation of equality plans or guides for raising awareness of the gender perspective.

You can download the test and the laws on gender here:

Don't know where to start and need help?

Send us the previous test to the email and we will respond with the feedback.

Also, if you would like to know the specific legislation for your country, ask us.