Economic & Financial feasibility studies

Economic & Financial feasibility studies

We value the economic and financial viability of your sports project, and we help guide you to choose the best option and make an adequate investment.

We offer you everything you need to know to carry out your project from the initial idea to optimal operation. We accompany you in the search for financing, as well as investigate new ways to obtain them. If your project is already underway, we analyze its economic and financial performance to help you minimize costs. We analyze the economic impact caused by any project from the economic aspect itself as well as from a sports, social and environmental perspective.

What we do?

  • Economic and financial feasibility studies for Municipal Sports Complexes
  • Economic and financial feasibility studies for private sports clubs
  • Economic and financial feasibility studies for racket sports facilities
  • Economic and financial feasibility studies for new sports facilities
  • Cost reduction and resource efficiency studies
  • Economic impact studies
  • Management optimization studies for private sports centers
  • Accompaniment in the search for financing
  • Market studies
  • Technical support to local authorities in feasibility studies (Barcelona Provincial Council Framework Agreement)

Selected Projects

  • Feasibility study of a new Sports Complex in Lo Barnechea – Chile
  • Feasibility study of the Tarragona Olympic Ring 2017
  • Feasibility study of the INEFC La Seu University Center
  • Feasibility study of the Salle Bonanova sports center in Barcelona
  • Feasibility study of Indoor Racquet and Padel Complexes
  • Viability study of CEM Marina Besòs and CEM Masquefa
  • Feasibility study of indoor and summer swimming pools in more than 30 municipalities
  • Feasibility study according to the different management models of the CEM Polinyà
  • Feasibility study for low-cost Tecnofit Mataró fitness centers
  • Feasibility study of a kindergarten in Abrera
  • Human Resources cost tool for the Deputation of Barcelona