Research in sport and specialized training

Research in sport and specialized training

We offer guidance in your intervention strategies and planning, as well as specialized training for your organization.

We have a highly experienced team that will be able to design a social research study tailored to your needs. We can carry out the whole process of a sports habits survey or provide you with sectorial benchmarking studies and best practices to implement, allowing you to improve the performance of your organization. In addition, thanks to a transversal profile and a great teaching experience in master’s, postgraduate and other specialized training, we can design the training program that your organization needs.

What we do?

  • Sports habits and social research studies
  • Evaluation studies and economic, social and sports impact measurement
  • Market, comparative, or benchmarking studies
  • Good practices studies and projects
  • Sports field research
  • Monitoring and evaluation of indicators based on Balanced Scorecards (BSC)
  • Training for sports management professionals
  • Training in business trends, sports trends and change management
  • Training in leadership and team management
  • Specific training programs for organizations

Selected Projects

  • Study of the sports habits of the school population at the national, regional and big cities level.
  • Integral Plan for Sport - Consejo Superior de Deportes
  • Ciudad + Activa in Castilla-La Mancha
  • LED's Play Portugal - Certification of good practices in sports
  • Intermunicipal Comparison Circles of Sports and Education
  • Labor Market Study in the context of sport in Catalonia
  • Study of City Councils and Sport in Catalonia
  • Sports Clubs in Catalonia