Support and advice in management

Support and advice in management

We create the tools to optimize your sports organization and manage any process of change.

We offer a tailored service to achieve long-term goals: continuous or timely management support, creating operational plans, marketing plans, implementing processes, audits or projects about the optimization of human resources. We adapt to your needs to ensure the highest quality in your services and optimize them to the maximum.

What we do?

  • Management support organizations and / or sports facilities
  • Operational plans and facilities management organizations
  • Marketing plans, communication and sales
  • Support in the transition process management
  • Support in the preparation of bids for public tenders
  • Operating audits
  • Advice and monitoring of the operation of administrative concessions

What we did?

  • Opening process of Fontanals Golf Wellness
  • Operating Audit of the UPC Sports Service
  • Sports Services to Small Municipalities through the territories of the High Anoia, Alt Berguedà and the Lluçanès.
  • CEM Cabrils situation analysis and proposals for action in the management model
  • Monitoring and project coordination POCTEFA HCFC INEFC
  • Collaboration in the preparation of tenders for public tenders
  • Support in the transition from the direction of CEM Lleure i Salut L'Eix Navàs
  • Technical assistance to the sports management of Olesa de Montserrat
  • Project Management of football fields Vilassar de Mar
  • Project Management High-Performance Centre Ordino
  • Follow-up of the program: "doing sport!" 
  • The premium project of the sporting events of DIBA (Diputation of Barcelona) 
  • Monitoring of the grants and scholarships of IBE (Institute Barcelona Sports)
  • Candidature of the European City of Sport of Sant Cugat del Vallès
  • Sport and Work project in the Maresme region 
  • Study of unification soccer clubs in Sant Vicenç dels Horts 
  • Project management of the soccer field in Sant Pol de Mar 
  • Basic management study of the Calaf Sports Pavilions
  • Basic management study of the soccer field in Arenys de Mar