Design of sports facilities

Design of sports facilities

We design your sports facility in a way that is utilitarian and profitable, combining architectural aesthetics with the functionality of its use.

We make a careful forecast of spaces, needs, circulations, materials and finishes based on our extensive experience. We accompany you throughout the process, from the initial idea, through the follow-up of the work, and the preparation of the opening with guarantees of success, to the management of the installation. If your installation is already in operation but you want to improve it and adapt it to new trends by adding spaces or new services, let us analyze its possibilities for improvement and guide you towards the most appropriate option.

What we do?

  • Ideation and development of the business plan for a new sports center
  • Specification of the initial program of needs
  • Collaboration in the basic and executive project
  • Construction monitoring
  • Design, execution and accompaniment in the opening of the facility
  • Design and projection of remodeling proposals
  • Advice on commissioning

Selected Projects

  • Design and implementation of the Fontanals Golf Wellness Fontanals
  • Elaboration of the business model and spaces of Òdena Village
  • Design and preliminary studies in sports projects for B2RS SPORT SL
  • Specification of the program of spaces for the Ordino technical center.
  • Advice, design and dynamization of Espacio Wellness Granollers
  • Advice, design and dynamization of CEM Tordera Accura Group
  • Business plan and spaces program for a new sports club on the island of Mallorca.