Quality analysis in sports service

Quality analysis in sports service

Itik consulting offers different methodologies to determine the satisfaction of end users of your service as assessment tools and motivation of your own human resources and collaborators in your organization

Knowing the quality of sports facilities is the key to ensure efficiency and good results. Thanks to our extensive and proven experience in social research and our background in sport, we have different resources to suit your needs. We can perform from the field work and data collection to a report of findings and suggestions for improvement. Let us know what you want to evaluate and design the perfect tool for you.

What we do?

  • Satisfaction surveys and sports services online or in person
  • Satisfaction measurement of human resources and organizational partners
  • Comprehensive assessment of the quality and satisfaction of global sports programs
  • Identification of the profiles and trends in behavior or potential customers
  • Design strategies and tools for measuring and improving the quality of service

What we did?

  • A satisfaction survey of users of the Municipal Sports complexes in Barcelona
  • Study of the profile of the participants in the Barcelona Walks
  • Campus Olimpia Satisfaction Study
  • Analysis tool to the local sports system for the Barcelona Provincial Council
  • Staff assessment survey of the UPC Service Sports 
  • Survey of user satisfaction of the UPC Service Sports