Digital communication and social media

Digital communication and social media

It is vital to define our digital identity, settle the goals we want to achieve and work to reach them.

The current digital society requires the definition and management of our presence in social networks. It is not enough just to be, but we must define how we want to use it: customer service, presence, and reputation of the organization, promotion of the service and activities, channel interaction with users, attracting potential customers, etc.

From Itik consulting we can help you assess your current situation in the network and define the best strategy for an effective and a dynamic communication. Also, we can accompany you in the implementation of your social profiles and training your team. All of this, doing it from the characteristic optical that requires digital communication in specific areas as physical activity and sport or education.

What we do?

  • Digital communication plans for organizations and sport and school events
  • Analysis and diagnosis of the digital reputation of the organization
  • Training sessions on sports, technology, and social networks
  • Consulting work in professional digital identity and personal brand
  • Training courses on strategy and functioning of social networks
  • Commissioning and advice of optimized profiles in social networks
  • Creating platforms, blogs and applications for citizen participation programs

Selected Projects

  • Digital communication plan of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC)
  • Training capsules about digital sports activities in the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC)
  • Training programs in Sport 2.0 and social networks to municipal sports technicians