Athlon S. Koop Strategic Plan : Reorganization and alignment with trends

Athlon S. Koop Strategic Plan : Reorganization and alignment with trends

A thoughtful, provocative and participatory methodology, with the support of a collaborative space, facilitates strategic thinking from the heart of the organization and with the participation of all the staff.

The process of strategic reflection of Athlon cooperative passed by the approach of a goal that all members of the organization had to make critically questions, with the main purpose to learn, improve and define the strategy of the organization in the next years.

The reflection should arise from the organization so that Itik Consulting has led and guided this process with different methodologies: knowledge activities about the sector, dynamics of self-criticism for improvement, generation of internal debates, collaborative learning work, among others.

More than 120 items shared business and sporting trends, 8 lines of debate in a collaborative space in the cloud, more than 20 sessions of group work, several visits to national and international reference organizations. All this work has resulted in an adapted and internalized organization strategy.

This strategic process enriching for both Athlon S. Koop as Itik Consulting is the great example of the need to know the organization and alignment with market trends to define the path and the steps to achieve the objective desired.