Study of sports habits of adolescents of Sant Cugat del Valles

Study of sports habits of adolescents of Sant Cugat del Valles

Identify the sporting habits of adolescents is an essential task to promote physical activity and sport among this group, to achieve an increase in participation and in the municipality sports offer.

This research study was conducted in order to know the reasons why schoolchildren in Sant Cugat have reduced levels of the sport moving from primary to secondary education. The research was classified into two parts: the first, quantitative, with a survey of habits, to assess the reasons for the abandonment of the practice in this age group. And the second, formed by the realization of different group dynamics.

Very significant and interesting data were obtained as the high rate of the practice of this group, which stood at 85%. However, numerical data was verified with the descent of this to move from primary to secondary, where the rate was reduced in the case of girls by almost 20%.

The quantitative study yielded a picture of the current situation of sport in adolescents in the town, but could not alone explain the causes that led to this situation. To try to investigate these cases, the study was supplemented by a series of group dynamics with different segments of the population selected to evaluate the results. Thus, it was possible to compare the data obtained and know the why of them.

Studies of this nature are essential to learning about the determinants of school sports, such as the type, frequency, reasons of practice and the causes of abandonment, among others.