Profile study of participants in the Barcelona Walks

Profile study of participants in the Barcelona Walks

Determining a characteristic profile of an event participant can respond to the needs of that one offering adapted improvements

The aim of the study was to obtain a picture of the profile of the participants in the Barcelona Walks program. This program of annual cycles of hiking, non-competitive and suitable for all ages, promotes a healthy and simple activity open to all, as is walking. Since 2000, the number of participants program has been increasing year after year; this is a clear demonstration of the widespread success of walking exercise, one of the most practiced exercises for most citizens.

During the fieldwork more than 2,000 on-site surveys were conducted among participants of 5 different walks conducted between June and December 2013. The study carried out a comparison between the different walks and an analysis of the results was performed in a global level. The study leads to the conclusion that a low-impact activity such as walking is directly related to sex and age of the participants, attracting more people over 50 years, young people, and especially women. 80% of participants are from the city of Barcelona, with differences of participation among districts. The main reasons for participation as well as to exercise are playful and social communication.

Moreover, comparing the profiles of participants in these events with the different races that take place in the city, the characteristic profile of the walks is a woman of 51 to 60 years, and the participant profile race is a man of 36 years.

Through a study of the profile of the participants of an event like this, analysis of the characteristics of both of these as the activity itself is possible. Likewise, the necessary improvements and adaptations can be offered to expand the number of participants and achieve a good loyalty of the current ones, guaranteeing the quality of the service.