Strategic Plan of Saudi Arabia Sports School

Strategic Plan of Saudi Arabia Sports School

Saudi girls manage to realize physical education in schools as proposed by Itik Consulting in the Strategic Plan of School Sport in Saudi Arabia.

Itik Consulting was selected by the Government of Saudi Arabia through a global competition for developing and implementing the first strategic plan for the promotion of scholar sport in this country. There were three main objectives of the plan: fight childhood obesity (one of the highest in the world), get more children - and for the first time- physically active girls into schools and to obtain high-level athletes by creating high-performance centres.

The development of the subject of Physical Education during school hours throughout the country, as well as structuring an offer for promoting sport among schools in collaboration with the Saudi sports federations, were the two main strategic axes.

The plan was developed in different stages of different work. During the first stage, a process of international benchmarking was conducted; it consisted in analyzing the sports systems from 16 different countries and comparing their sports and educational development. During the second phase, Itik Consulting formed a team of 6 worldwide experts who helped interpret the data obtained. In the last phase, with a purposeful character, were made proposals to implement the Saudi country.

With the plan developed by Itik Consulting, the Government of Saudi Arabia it has increased 50 times the budget for the promotion of school sports and has allowed for the first time Saudi girls to perform the subject of physical education during school hours.