City Councils and Sport (2010-2016)

City Councils and Sport (2010-2016)

Photograph of the municipal sports situation in the province of Barcelona: 120 municipalities participated in order to analyze the status of Sports Services and their evolution since 2010.

One of the main objectives of the reissue of the study was to compare the results obtained previously, in 2010, around the City Council Sports Service. Thus, it was possible to identify both the evolution of some items, the trends traced in those 6 years and new emerging aspects that were non-existent in 2010.

Among the aspects identified in the study, they highlighted:

  • Trend of centralization of the Service with the reduction in the number of autonomous organizations
  • The emergence of social networks as a communication channel for all ages
  • Latent concern from the Sports Service for the management of urban and natural public space with increased utilization
  • Limitation of economic resources and personnel to a very diverse demand

Studies of these characteristics are essential since the identification of trends and future challenges give the possibility of being able to anticipate the demands, anticipate modifications as well as allow them to be planned in advance for the coming years. Thus, and with the latest data for the 2016 edition, it was possible to analyse the current situation and give the first strokes of where the municipal sport was heading.

The possible elaboration of a new edition is essential to give continuity to the data either to confirm the trends set in recent years or to identify different directions that may cause significant changes in current municipal sports policies.

It is possible to read the two projects of the last editions below:

And the presentation of the main results of the second edition held at INEFC: