Barcelona Observatory of Sports and Physical Activity

Barcelona Observatory of Sports and Physical Activity

The Barcelona Sports Observatory is already a reality. The new open municipal sports information platform of Barcelona is born with all the data of the physical activity and sport available in the city. 


The Barcelona Sports Observatory was created with the aim of allowing the population of Barcelona and the agents that take part in the sports field to obtain and have a set of data that shows the evolution of the sport in the city from different scopes. For this purpose, the most relevant data from the research studies available so far were created to create tables and graphs in order to make it visual and attractive to the reader.

The content that was selected to be part of the Barcelona Sports Observatory was organized in 7 different areas, which are presented below:

  • Sport practice
  • Invigorating sports agents
  • Sport zones
  • Sports activities and events
  • Sports and City Hall
  • Impact of sport in the city
  • Sports regulations

As an example, the following shows how the set of available city data is visualized, with visual support and with the possibility of downloading it:

As shown, for each graph with the presentation of the desired indicator, different items appear, thus giving a complete meaning and the necessary information for the readers. From the moment of its publication, the Observatory's web platform is active and the data can be consulted through its weblink available here.