MIEM and Barcelona Sports Equipment Plan 2019-2035: defining the equipment park for the city's future

MIEM and Barcelona Sports Equipment Plan 2019-2035: defining the equipment park for the city's future

Barcelona is preparing to respond to the needs in sports equipment for the next 16 years, with almost a hundred action proposals to expand and/or improve the current supplies. 


The Barcelona Sports Institute ensures the possibility of sports for the entire population of the city of Barcelona. With this aim, and taking into account the constant evolution of the world of physical activity and sport, the Sports Facilities and Equipment Map and the Sports Equipment Plan of Barcelona 2019 - 2035 have been carried out.

The project has been carried out by Itik Consulting and follows the latest proposal to update the PIEC (aPIEC) as a conceptual framework. It is structured in 3 distinct phases: the analysis of the sports system, the diagnosis and the action proposals. The first two phases are framed within the MIEM, and the third within the Sports Equipment Plan.

During the analysis and diagnosis, an extensive fieldwork has been carried out, which includes interviews with representatives of the different districts of the city, visits to municipal sports complexes, school sports facilities and a census of private commercial facilities and sports elements in the public space through a thorough review of all the streets of the city. Similarly, the use of sports facilities has been analysed to determine their level of saturation.

From the diagnosis, a total of 4 strategic lines and 4 areas of action have been finalized that lead to a total of 99 action proposals of different types: construction of new sports equipment, an extension of others, or planning instruments for specific equipment. The proposals are classified into district projects (to respond to local needs) and city projects (to respond globally to the city). Some proposals also have alternative suggestions in case the proposed ones cannot be carried out.

The project becomes a practical tool in the planning of sports equipment, as it defines the main guidelines on sports in the coming years. It is a global tool for strategic planning of the municipal facilities and public spaces that includes the competencies, the distribution of the equipment and its saturation level. It proposes a project to adapt and optimize existing endowments and the creation of new public or municipal facilities, which directly affect the quality of life of citizens.