Creation of the Sports Quality Seal for School-age Sports

Creation of the Sports Quality Seal for School-age Sports

The promotion of a school sports education in values and training leads to the preparation of the Sports Quality Seal

Given the need of the Sports Service of the City Council of Sitges to unify and create a common project for all sports entities in the municipality based on school sports, Itik Consulting has prepared a Sports Quality Seal that will allow certifying those organizations that follow the bases of a model in school-age sport.

Through an analysis of the current trends in sports in the municipality and the characteristics of school sports, the accreditation areas for the Sports Quality Seal were developed. Based on these lines of action, specific objectives and criteria have been established for each of the areas that, depending on the degree of compliance, will determine whether the sports organization is suitable or not.

The creation of the Sports Quality Seal will be an important factor in Sitges sports policies as well as it will serve as a tool to establish the foundations of a quality and training school sport that is based on these three areas: 

This certification will provide positive value in the sports and educational project of the entities of the municipality as well as favoring the social and collaborative dynamism between the different local agents of the territory of Sitges.