Leading change management with the Spanish Olympic Committee

Leading change management with the Spanish Olympic Committee

The Itik Consulting team has collaborated with the Spanish Olympic Committee to lead the change management in the implementation of the CONPaaS IT platform to more than 22 National Olympic Committees.

The CONPaaS project was born from the union of the Olympic Committees of Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Cape Verde, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela and Spain to create an IT platform made up of different services to democratise web services accessible to all NOCs, whatever their size and technical, economic or human capacity.

Itik Consulting has collaborated with the Spanish Olympic Committee (SOC) in the process of accompaniment, advice and technical assistance for the internal communication of the platform and change management with the different National Olympic Committees. In this process, we highlight:

  • The creation of internal operating protocols
  • Communication and continuous monitoring of the NOCs in the process of getting to know the platform, developing initial interviews via Zoom, monitoring files and technical advice for resolving doubts and direct contact with the SOC's IT department.
  • Accompaniment and support in the virtual training of the platform's functionalities.
  • Direct contact with the 22 NOCs through different virtual platforms for the communication of incidents.

Throughout the process of internal communication between the NOCs and the SOC, improvements to be implemented in the IT platform have been identified, as well as the main difficulties in the process of driving change management.

In short, the creation of this platform represents a change at the level of internal management within each organisation thanks to the multiple tools and functionalities it provides.