Saudi Arabian Basketball Federation's future strategy

Saudi Arabian Basketball Federation's future strategy

The implementation of the Strategic Plan has marked the starting point to initiate a process of change in the organisational sphere, as well as to promote the expansion of basketball throughout the Kingdom, and to make Saudi Arabia a benchmark Federation at a competitive level. 

The Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee (SAOC) has been the forerunner in launching a financial aid initiative to support the Saudi Sports Federations. The aim of this initiative is to provide resources to the organizational structure of the Federations so that they can plan, develop and execute a single strategy that will set the guidelines for the coming years. 

In this way, Itik Consulting has worked, following the SAOC guidelines, with the Saudi Arabian Basketball Federation (SBF) to develop the Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026. Thus, in the 5 months of the project, the different phases of the project have been carried out:


One of the premises of the project was the involvement of the Saudi basketball ecosystem, so participatory processes were carried out during the analysis and diagnosis phase. One of the most prominent was a survey of players, coaches, referees, fans, board and club members, and other actors in the system. Considering the social and sporting context of Saudi Arabia, the participation rate was around 500 responses.  

In addition, an international benchmarking was carried out in which 5 leading basketball federations from different continents were analysed. This comparative analysis was carried out based on different dimensions that allowed the SBF to position itself in relation to the other federations.   

This whole process ended with the definition of the strategic lines with a vision for 2030, following the Saudi Arabia 2030 strategy. The presentation of these lines was detailed in strategic programmes with specific actions accompanied by prioritization, approximate cost, and performance indicators to validate the monitoring and implementation of the strategy. 

The development of this Strategic Plan has been an opportunity for the Saudi Arabian Basketball Federation to understand its needs and limitations, as well as to enhance its strengths. The strategic lines marked out will define the future of the Federation, and, above all, will be the turning point to generate an internal change and evolve to make basketball the second most played team sport in Saudi Arabia.