Analysing the feasibility of two new sports centres in the Community of Lo Barnechea, Chile

Analysing the feasibility of two new sports centres in the Community of Lo Barnechea, Chile

Work and provide key data to the local administration for decision-making in the construction of two new sports infrastructures in Chile: The Complejo Deportivo Lo Barnechea and the Centro Deportivo y de Bienestar el Huinganal.

At the time when the local administration of the Community of Lo Barnechea is betting on positioning physical activity and sport as one of the key pieces of its urban and social development and with a construction project for new sports infrastructure underway, itik consulting enters the scene to analyse its viability and assess this project in a future key.

The work developed for this administration sought to obtain the following results:

  • Make an extensive market study of the territory in which each installation would be located, determining the area of ​​influence and the profile of the potential public.
  • Prepare an economic and financial study for each of the sports centres to assess and validate the future of their operation, considering the best possible management model to apply.

It must be considered that each of the sports centres was projected in different areas in relation to the socioeconomic characteristics of the population; Therefore, the sports offer, services and access subscriptions had to be adapted and respond to the real needs of future users, key to the success of the municipal service.

In turn, at the economic level, project different economic scenarios, to foresee the solvency of the service itself at the operation level according to various future situations. All this, applying and assessing possible management models until identifying the optimal and most appropriate according to the singularities of each centre as well as the feasibility towards the administration.

Determining the economic feasibility of a project is fundamental, but in the sports field, staying here would be a mistake. It is necessary to go beyond numbers and work in depth on sporting and social feasibility as well, since knowing the territory and its population, to whom the service is directed, its characteristics and interests, among others, provides the key elements for really reach all segments of the population.

We reflect more on this here, where we talk about the feasibility study from a different perspective and betting on the importance of taking a step beyond the economic sphere in these studies.

Thus, cross-sectional work, considering all possible views of feasibility, allowed the desired results to be achieved by providing data and key results to focus and position each sports centre in an optimal way for the community benefit of the population with the objective to give them the opportunity to live in a more active and healthy way with the construction of these new infrastructures.

Explore the territory, get to know its citizens, and respond to real needs.