The process of a successful strategic formulation: the Strategic Plan of the Spanish Hockey Federation

The process of a successful strategic formulation: the Strategic Plan of the Spanish Hockey Federation

On March 4, the Spanish Hockey Federation (RFEH) presented its new Strategic Plan for the coming years with a future vision projected in 2030

This initiative arises from the will to transform the Federation itself and from the need to take advantage of the opportunities for change in the sporting context in recent years, to mark a turning point and drive Spanish hockey towards new future opportunities hand in hand of their entire community.

The methodological process in a strategic formulation is the key to obtain the desired results and at the same time achieve an impact and being successful in the implementation of the proposed projects and future challenges. In this case, in the process of analysis and diagnosis of this strategic plan, itik consulting collaborated with the RFEH to develop a rigorous, adapted, and transversal process considering the entire community and related agents.

How was the process structured?

The methodology applied in the analysis and diagnosis of the strategic plan promoted by the RFEH was structured as follows:

This process of complete analysis and from a global perspective, gave the opportunity to trace the current situation of the RFEH and its community and start working looking to the future.


What are the 6 key elements extracted from the process and that mark the diagnosis of the Plan?

01 Heterogeneity in the presence of hockey in Spain

02 Fields are the key!

03 Training, training, and training

04 The competition

05 Need for greater equality between men and women

06 Need to review the hockey ecosystem in Spain

To delve into the most relevant data and know all the details, you can consult the explanatory video here! This was screened on the day of the presentation of the Strategic Plan to the entire community in an official ceremony. In this way, the RFEH not only prepares and works for the transformation of its sport but also involves its community in the process, explains and transmits it to build a successful future strategy among all. It is just as important to carry out a Strategic Plan as it is to present it in your community to involve it in its development.