The importance of measuring the impact to deal with exceptionality: COVID-19 and incidence on local context of sports and education

The importance of measuring the impact to deal with exceptionality: COVID-19 and incidence on local context of sports and education

Incidence of SARS-CoV-2 in two research studies promoted by Barcelona Provincial Council Sport and Education Services

Given the need for local entities in Provincial Council of Barcelona and to deal with the effects caused by the incidence of COVID-19 on its arrival in March 2020, its promoted two research studies prepared by itik consultancy to analyse and measure the impact that pandemic situation was assuming in sports and educational fields.

These studies come up from the need to obtain reference data on the state of the situation, interpret them and subsequently be able to assess the incidence and impact that the unexpected situation of the pandemic was causing on the municipalities of the Barcelona demarcation. It is at this point that itik consultancy initiates these impact studies with the help of the Barcelona Provincial Council in order to have data, based on the application of a set of information collection tools, in order to facilitate decision-making immediate as well as for the subsequent months and years by those responsible for local entities.

It is important to value all the collaborative work both with the Barcelona Provincial Council in the conception and effort for the immediacy of the aforementioned projects, as well as with all those municipalities in the demarcation that were able to participate in the studies. These provided the set of data requested in order to obtain the essential assets of these projects, which would later allow the real impact of the pandemic on the local world to be measured. Apart from the different final impact reports, both for Sports and Education, each of the participants was provided with an individual report with their data, which made it possible to have the essential information for optimal decision-making at different levels: economic and resources, organizational, social, prevention and control of the pandemic, and a long etcetera.

In relation to the study promoted by the Sports Services Management, 100 municipalities in the demarcation were able to participate, despite the exceptional situation that occurred during the months of preparing the impact study.

And as for the Education Management, it brought together a total of 76 participating entities, distributed as follows, given that in their case an analysis of impacts was promoted from 4 different areas:

  • Nursery Schools (34 Municipalities with Municipal Nursery School)
  •  Music Schools (11 Municipal Music Schools)
  •  Schools for Adults (8 Schools for Adults)
  •  Maintenance and cleaning services (23 municipalities)

In this way, in an environment and situation that required immediacy and optimal decision-making to minimize the effects that occurred, thanks to the impulse of these studies it was possible to provide tools and data to local entities to achieve it. The importance of measuring the impacts from the beginning is key to being able to interpret and assess an event or situation and make the appropriate decisions. In the face of a global pandemic with great effects at all levels, the possibility of doing so becomes of vital importance and meaning.

The results of these two impact studies can be consulted at the following links:

- Analysis of the incidence of COVID-19 in local sports

- Impact of COVID-19 on municipal education services