Studying the feasibility of racket sports facilities

Studying the feasibility of racket sports facilities

Supporting local councils in the development of feasibility studies for their racket sports facilities, and independent professionals to assess the viability of their projects.

Racket sports such as tennis and, specifically, padel tennis, have become an upward trend in recent years as they are sports practised outdoors. In addition, padel has followed an evolution of constant growth in Catalonia since 2016, accounting for 23% of the total number of padel licenses in Spain. In addition, it is considered that more than 2 million people are practitioners of this sport.

For this reason, some municipalities have requested technical advice to carry out an economic and financial feasibility study of their municipal racket sports facilities to adapt them to current demands.

The viability of these facilities is assessed from four perspectives:

  • Sports viability, detecting the competition close to the facility to assess the potential demand for the equipment.
  • Social viability, identifying whether the offer of sports services and activities is adapted to all age segments and profiles.
  • Economic viability, analyzing the income and expenses of the facility, specifying aspects of improvement in its management.
  • Environmental viability, foreseeing actions to reduce the impact of lighting, noise, energy, and consumption in the facility.

These studies, in many cases, have become an essential factor for the local council to make decisions on the management model of racket sports facilities, as well as to evaluate the possibility of building new sports spaces.

Furthermore, working with local councils with existing racket sports facilities, in the last year we have been advising independent professionals who wanted to build their own padel sports centers, taking advantage of the growing number of padel players.

In this sense, itik consulting works for local authorities as well as with the private sector, providing specialized, technical, and quality advice in developing feasibility studies for racket sports centers.