Technical advice and leadership of change in public-private partnerships

Technical advice and leadership of change in public-private partnerships

Re-adapting the strategy by sharing challenges, current needs and stakeholders' views, key elements for critical moments.


Public-private collaboration is key to guaranteeing public sports offer to citizens. The pooling of efforts and resources allows for a quality, accessible and efficient service. On occasions, this collaboration is complicated when there are changes in the sports sector, changes in management bodies or when the results do not correspond to the forecasts. It is necessary to work together, taking into account the realities of each of the agents involved, in order to find solutions that guarantee the continuity of a quality sport service to the public.

Involvement and impact

 Itik Consulting collaborates with different city councils, public organisations and sports managers, leading the process of analysing the situation and co-creating a new work plan for the future. The work process must allow us to overcome the current challenges and readapt the strategy to the new conditions, guaranteeing the commitment of the different agents involved. Itik consulting accompanies city councils and sports managers in this process, acting as a facilitator between agents, bringing their points of view closer together and specifying proposals for the future.