The economic impact of the different management models in the Public Sports Club of Elorrio

The economic impact of the different management models in the Public Sports Club of Elorrio

The assessment of the sports needs of the equipment and the citizenship in relation to the existing resources: key elements for the election of the most appropriate management model.


In the decision-making process for the establishment of municipal sports policies, it is necessary to have real data on management and available resources. For this reason, Elorrio Town Council (Basque Country) wanted to have real data on the management of the municipal sports complex and the different impacts that could be generated by the possible management models before deciding on the most appropriate one for its reality.


ITIK Consultoria has prepared this study by making a diagnosis of the current operation of the sports facility from a technical and economic point of view. It has also carried out different scenarios for the future according to the different management models, the characteristics of the local entity, the evolution of the sports sector and the specific characteristics of the Basque Country. This analysis has allowed the technical and political team to debate which model best suits the current needs of the municipality with real objective data.

Once the most suitable model has been selected, itik consultoria has drawn up the specifications for the tendering of the sports facility service, working to establish criteria and characteristics that allow for efficient management and good coordination between the different agents involved.


Itik Consultoria's extensive experience in carrying out economic and feasibility studies of sports facilities has allowed us to develop our own methodology that adapts to the reality and needs of each study. In this way, it has been guaranteed that Elorrio has a technical study adapted to its reality and needs for objective decision making and thus guaranteeing its commitment to the citizens of Elorrio to offer quality sports facilities.