The leadership of change management in a private sports club in Barcelona

The leadership of change management in a private sports club in Barcelona

Have an optimal and efficient organizational structure to anticipate the needs of the sports service.


The operation plan in a sports organization needs to be developed when everything goes well. In this way, the organization always will be ready for the process of adaptation to the VUCAs environment.  The philosophy of a sports club, in general, is the constant improvement and the evaluation of excellent service, being these aspects one of the keys to becoming a reference sports club. In this economic and social moment of constant readaptation and the forecast of a generational change in the medium term, the private sports club had developed an evaluation of the organisational structure to lead the future.


The sports organisation has worked with itik consulting on an intern audit of the organisational structure at different levels. The main objectives had been:

  • Assessment of the degree of efficiency of the current organisational structure
  • Anticipation of generational change in the medium term
  • Analysis of current professional profiles and potential for the future
  • Identification of current and future improvements

Through a participatory and immersive methodology in the functioning of the Sports Club, a complete diagnosis of the current situation and identification of future scenarios have been developed. The organisational and functional structure, the internal coordination processes, and the evaluation of the professional profiles of the management and coordination positions in the different areas have been considered.


The collaboration of itik consulting has provided the sports club with a comprehensive snapshot of its current situation as well as the identification of opportunities and risks. The result has been an operational action plan for the leadership of change management and improvement in the short and medium term. The action plan has been elaborated with the participation of the team working together to continue to be a club with an innovative and high-quality offer.