Ensuring continuity of sport service in times of leadership change

Ensuring continuity of sport service in times of leadership change

A change of management in a sports facility or service must be planned and managed to avoid affecting the quality and continuity of the sport activity


The ownership of a privately owned sports centre identified the need to change the management of the centre in order to update the range of sports services on offer, make the facility more dynamic and adapt the service to new market demands. With the aim of not interrupting the centre's activity and not affecting the quality of the service, itik consulting was asked to lead the transitional period for the transfer of management.


As management agents of the transitional period, itik consulting collaborated with the ownership of the centre acting as a coordinating agent in the transfer of the two management companies involved, ensuring effective and collaborative communication. The transition period was planned, as well as the first months of improvements in the operation of the sports facility. The different actions and processes were specified and scheduled, ensuring the continuity of the service at all times.


As a result of this transitional period in the management of the sports centre, there was an increase in the number of members, as well as in the number of registrations for complementary activities. The planning of careful communication at all levels, both to the users, in the catchment area of the facility, as well as in the work team itself, was key to obtaining the expected results quickly and efficiently.